Viganò is a family business that was established in 1922. As new generations took over with the passing years, in 1972 the Cantù company began to expand its production and add technicians, designers and architects to its organization. These professionals helped transform the company into a strong, well-established force known world-wide for its range of offerings, from kitchens to upholstered furniture, from doors and windows to boiserie, from flooring to the most sophisticated decorative work. Today Viganò employs over 40 individuals and can express itself through a commercial network so vast that it now has a presence on every continent. Along with two direct affiliates in Moscow and Shanghai, one of Viganò's most recent incarnations is its first mono-brand store in the Chinese metropolis. Competence is our history.



The challenge is to focus maximum attention on every project we handle. For this reason, it is vital to understand the needs and requirements of those who have placed their trust in us and believed in our group. We match our design and our technical expertise to these requirements as we select the finest woods, fabrics, and materials to furnish and enhance environments. Excellence is our unit of measurement.



One of the principal strengths of Viganò Cantù has been its ability to adapt to the changes and transformations that time has wrought in the market. Over the years, it has invested in appropriate sources that allow it to offer tailored solutions to meet the diverse, multiple needs of its customers. Today a fundamental characteristic of the company is the awareness to offer the customer an exclusive, unique product, made of materials that are innovative and highly selected. We develop a “vertical system” for every project that involves a long experience in setting up and organize all the different steps of the project, from the drawings to the delivery of the product.



Viganò proposes exclusive quality solutions. We have always believed in Italian design that combines originality and highly selected materials, offering unique sensory experiences. A sense of belonging, courage, and intellectual curiosity are the foundations of our philosophy and what distinguish the people we work with. Viganò's development has always followed the tastes of the people and the markets in which it operates. Our goal is the awareness we can make a dream come true.